FUMMP - Free Universal Money Making Package:

I can`t get away from the idea that there must to be a collective (un)concious image of a perfect money making package or idea or some way or thing which all bloggers
and website owners can just plugin and play and generate money with it, some device that lets everybody wins and can finally free us all from thinking every day and tormeting our precious brains with some words that some of us are even chased in our dream by them, like: "TRAFFIC" , "MAKE MONEY ONLINE" , "MAKE $5000 A WEEK" , "BUY eBook for only $47,95" , "CONTENT", "RSS", "50,000 VISITORS"... ETC.

I`m Certain that FUMMP is not just a myth and a fantasy just because it sounds like
a perfection. There must be a way that can lyberate us all from hard manual work, linking around, leaving comment after a comment on other symmilar blogs hoping that they will aprove it instead of threating it like a spam.

There must to be some revelation that can put an end on all that trouble, sleepless nights, refusing friend`s invitations and spending a beauttyfull day indoors!

Now, me or somebody who have read this will soon find our holy gral "FUMMP".
In order to do so, we must furst deffine it`s properties:

FUMMP - and what it must do:

1)It must to generate at lest $50 a day
2)It must to reward back its sponsors to earn much more
3)It must to spread around the internet like a plague
4)It must easy to install in almost any webpage or blog
5)It must not violate TOS of the sponsors
6)It must be abble to generate money some way other than affiliate marketing
7)It must generate money just for being shown
8)It can be a website or blog widget or standalone application
9) It must be apsolutelly FREE to join and use!

P.S. i GOT THE IDEA FOR "FUMMP" !!! (it is possible to make it as a pleague like spreading blog gadget for blogs with minimum of 700 blogs to have it and we can then all make $50 a day minimum!


Earnings repport - august 2008 - part 1

Hi there =P

Ok now lets see how many millions did I earn!

$8.48 - AdBrite
$0.69 - Revver
$1.11 - Bidvertiser
$0.21 - Clickin.me
$2.79 - Bux.to
$5.66 - DailyClicks

Make money online from PPI Banners

Hi people! Ok today i`ll show you how powerfull the PPI is.
PPI as you allready know stands for Pay Per Impression.
You will need to use PPI option if you would like to make some very good
money just from visitors coming to your site and without making them to click on anything.

PPI is a way when you get paid lets say .. 1,3, even 7 or more $ per 1000 impressions. That means, if an ad is shown 1000 times you get the amount of money that is set as an equivalent for 1000 times your ad is shown.

Now, you may think. How can you get that one thousand impressions when your website or blog is new and has verry little subsites or posts.

Well yes, you need a pretty good visited website with lots of content to browse one after another. Or you can use some other very simple ways to speed up the counting =P
But, later about them...

Basicaly what you need for succesfull earning vith PPI banners is a popular site which is often visited or/and have a lot interesitng content to browse.

One of the sucessfull websites that is using PPI banners to ern money is www.imageshack.us which is about hosting images for free, and every time when millions of blogers or someone else want to host a picture to show it to someone they go to their site and upload it... and thorough the whole proces they are shown on their site PPI banners asside, exactlly 3 of them which is allowed per one page.
Till the picture upploading is finished, the visitor have seen 9 PPI banner ads.

Now watch:

1000:9 = 111,1...

That means, they need only 111 visitors (or reloads) that day, and their 1000 impressions are done, and they got lets say.. $3 more dollars in their pocket.

Do you think that they will get that 111 visitors more that day ?
No, they are so popular they will get few thousands visitors minimum the same day
because so many people are uploading pictures there!

But you could do the same.... there is many ways you can make your website interesting and visited (If you can`t think of any idea go to www.skycolab.com ).

The point is that you have a lot pages for browsing, and they need to be interesting for browsing, and while visitor is clicking "NEXT" , you earn money... easy as that.

If you would like to try to earn money withh PPI banners, there is one company that i simply love! Because till now they are the ones that earned me the most!
And they are the only that offer PPI banners, pais the most and there is no waiting to approve your site, you just sign up and go; www.AdBrite.com

To tell you the truth, first time when i signed up with AdBrite, I was so excited that I`ve made so many browsing content on one of my websites and i`ve been advertising it alot in other blogs, and chat rooms. It had free web sms and some tutorials and i had over 1400 impresisons daily, so I`ve earned some $5 with it that month and nothning more since then, because I stoped trying and i just abandoned the site. But i`ve decided to redesign it, put new content on it and make some promotion videos and tell people about it again.

But don`t worry if you are afraid of that 1000 impressons that are needed to earn.
There is another PPI affiliate program which is unique and gives you maybe something even better. Listen this:

There is a website called www.matched.co.uk And they pays you £3 fixed! Each month for only one ad placed on your page, there however there is a maximum of 5 ads per one website and you can earn up to £15 a month. Whichever you chose, Adbrite or Matched... is your choice... If you`re asking for my recommendation for quick money, I vote for AdBrite.
But you may try bouth, maybe you`ll have more luck =)

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