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Hi there people, I`m mr. Dean Voe and today is 18.08.2008. Greetings to all guys\girls out there who realised that living should be called living, and not working, and they tried or are still trying to apply that rulle and live by it. So in order to do it, we all search for best and ofcourse free ways and companies to earn decent cash without leaving our dorm rooms right =) ?

So to be honest, I have been trying to earn money online almost for two years or so. I`ve earned few dollars here, dozens of dollars there. I`ve tried everything there is to try, searching for most advanced methods to make money without making visitor to click anything. I`ve spend all that time trying to find best ways to promote my websites for free without spending a dime and so on.

You may say "What ?? You didn`t earned anything for two years?" Yes folks that`s true. But that was because i was so lazy and ocupied with other interests, and i was, and still am, a perfectionist.

Because I haven`t got any paycheck for 2 years of trying to earn any cash online, not even a single check, not to say a steady flow of them, not from a single income stream, i`ve decided that today is finished with that part of my life! Enough is enough! I mean, I have lost my selft in tring to be what I acctually don`t want to be. I do not want to be a person whose only goal is money. I just need it a little just to learn how to make it, because i need to learn that experience . But far from it that i`ll die if i`m not a millionaire =)

Then why did i make this blog ???

I made it because I have my proffesional website, which needs a lot of hand work to be promoted well and to create it`s content, I even have my standalone wordpress blog on my own doman, but somehow I dont think they will ever be so popular and succesfull. From the other hand, I`ve seen bunch of guys making this blogspot blog sites and they presents there a single affiliate program like bux.to or something and then get a lot of traffic just because they are easy found on google. They get traffic, they get seen, and they earn money. Another reason is that i needed something new and refreshing, easy to edit and update, so i could do things that i love more. Like working in my garden, swimming, meditating... u get the picture.

BTW I`m 23 y. old and I`m from Croatia, A small but so beauttyfull country near the Italy. (That is the explanation to my terrible grammar ^^)

So this morning I took a shower, wrapped myself in the towell, took my chair, and made this blog an hour ago and what i`ll be writing here will be reviews of all money making ideas, and companies that i`ve tried to make money online with.

These days i`ve figured out some of my great mistakes and i saw some success too.
With this my new attitude, I expect my first cheques to arrive in a coupple of months or even couple of weeks. I`ve discovered some new exciting affiliate programs
and new awesome ways to promote my websites and this blog. So all my knowledge will be typed here, so If you still have problems getting paid online come and read this blog, cause i`ve been there and done that too, but not for any longer. Today is a new day and it is not over jet! Now is time for some success!

>> You should know that I`ll never try to sell you anything, but its true that I`m earning money when you earn by signing you up on only free to joing companies that I`m using too. Or even if you just come to my blog without clicking on anything.
(pay per impresison banners) Or by creating sponsored videos.

>> In the next post I`ll explain how you can earn money from PPI banners.

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